Years 7 - 11 Curriculum plans


Welcome to the my five-year curriculum plans for years 7 to 11 mathematics.

I have written the overview and curriculum plans for years 7 - 11, however (as we are only rolling this out at my school to years 7 to 9 in the next academic year) diagnostics and assessments are currently available for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 only.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or encounter any problems please do get in touch using the contact form on this website or via my twitter handle @MissBanksMaths

Acknowledgements: - I have linked up their videos in my objective overview and on the assessments so they can be

                                                                                  referenced easily for homework setting or review work

                                         @ailsacraig24 - For the original curriculum plans layout and class data tracking spreadsheet template 

                                 - We use their starters as part of a starter strategy for regular recall of "basic" skills from Year 7

                                                                              through to Year 11. Obviously I do not include these here as they are a subscription service but

                                                                              well worth it in my option and I have included which starters we use with which tiers from 

                                                                              Year 7 to Year 11.

Curriculum overview

Here is a screenshot of the 5 year overview.  It shows which topic is being taught for each year group.

Please note:

  • This has been done based on 4 lessons a week in Years 7 - 10 and 5 lessons a week in Year 11

  • The "number of lessons" is a guidance for staff of how many lessons they should spend on this unit, including allowing time to complete the diagnostic and assessment (see maths assessment calendar for a more detailed breakdown)

  • I have calendared in when our progress checks are due and when we have our PPEs and school trips (which you can of course edit or delete)

Objectives overview

On the second tab of the overview spreadsheet is a list of all 494 objectives that have been used throughout the curriculum plans.

It details when each objective is being assessed so you can see when they will be retaught/reassessed or if that particular skill will only appear once (for example, multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 is taught to extension tier students in Year 7, but not taught to them again in later years).

This allows teachers to filter by the year, tier and unit so they can reference the Hegarty numbers and when/if objectives will be taught again.

Below is a short extract of the first 17 objectives and a second image which shows it filtered on Year 7 Core Unit 6.

Tiers and starters overview

The third and final tab of the overview spreadsheet shows all of our maths classes from Year 7 to Year 11 alongside the teacher they have, and the tier they will be studying.

It also shows a starter they will complete which is in reference to the starters found on

Years 7 and 8 complete one 10 question starter per week and Years 9, 10 and 11 complete a 10 question starter in one lesson and a 20 question starter in another lesson. We have found that this starter strategy helps students to recall what we would call their basic skills regularly. We print off a whole term of starter's in an A4 booklet that we give to students and they complete them in the booklet once/twice a week. They have 10 minutes on the starter then the teacher will go through a select few and model a solution then project all the answers on the board for students to mark their work (mathsbox have solutions to project).

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